Transmasc Masterclass

On July 1 I’m teaching a transmasc (ftm in the old lingo) voice masterclass in London. The class is aimed at trans/non binary/non conforming folk (whether they’re on T or not), and voice practitioners/choir leaders who want to know a bit more about this voice type.

A masterclass in transmasc voice, with practical exercises and demonstrations. This class is aimed at both trans folk and those who work with or support us, for example vocal coaches and SLTs new to working with trans masc voices.

The class will cover:

Basic vocal function

The effects of testosterone on a voice

Singing voices on T

Perception of vocal masculinity for all voice types

Adjusting resonance, placement, and inflection

Troubleshooting common issues

Trans vocal identity

Vocal tension and deconstriction


A gentle voice warm up and cool down routine

Vocal demonstrations from current and former pupils

Accessibility: The venue has flat access via a lift and gender neutral loos. There is strip lighting in the venue, though we likely won’t need to have them on in the room during the day. There are no plans to use flashing lights, and music will be at a moderate volume. There is a separate communal area outside the workshop room. Written notes will be provided, and I’m happy to email a word doc to any folks who use screen readers. A schedule for the day will be set via eventbrite before the event, and there will be regular breaks. Please pop me an email if you have any further access needs, I’ll certainly do my best!

About your teacher:

Stephen is the conductor of London Trans choir, is a voice coach for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people, and is a trans man himself. He has studied voice widely, including with Alexandros Constansis and Kate Hammett Vaughn, and as part of his actor training. He has taught voice for trans folks with the Speech and Language Therapy department at the Tavistock and Portman Gender Clinic, and is now teaching privately.

Stephen has been an active musician for twenty years. He holds a BMus (Performance) from the University of British Columbia and an Mmus (Solo Performance) from McGill University. Stephen has performed with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Miniaturist Ensemble, Designs in Harmony Orchestra, Letter Four Quartet and behind open doors arts collective. He was a featured performer at Bohlen-Pierce Symposium, Boston, Listening Bodies Symposium, Montreal, Mercredimusics series, Montreal and Sonic Boom, Vancouver. Stephen is in the UK as the result of a generous grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

In the world of theatre, Stephen is artistic director of The Glass Imaginary, an improvised play in the style of Tennessee Williams, Improvable, QI: Queer Improv, Carmen: A gender-swapped Film Noir Fantasy, and Zeal: The Pride Improv Festival. Stephen teaches improv all over the world, both independently and through Hoopla Impro and City Academy, and is the author of two books about improv: Play Like an Ally and Improvising Gender

Stephen loves to perform and is one of the world’s most cheerful people when playing or teaching. His day job as a voice coach, and his evenings and weekends as an improviser mean he feels wonderfully at home on stage. When coaching both music and improv he prides himself on creating a positive environment so that people can perform at their best.