How are we different?

Here’s a question I’ve gotten a few times already- how is a trans* choir different from other choirs? The obvious thing is the people- being surrounded bo other trans/non-binary/intersex people creates a certain amount of comfort and community… and it helps that everyone who has come so far has also been a lovely person!

There are vocal differences, too though, and those are important. Changed and changing voices need longer and gentler warm-ups, so we always take a good amount of time to start slowly and talk about technique and vocal health. Changing voices also often have smaller ranges (though this can be built up again!), and are sometimes quieter than they used to be. We make sure to use a range of repertoire, and modify notes as needed so that everyone finds an appropriate part. We also make sure accompaniment is light, with most of our repertoire working either with or without piano (acapella).

One of the aims of the choir is also to provide a place for people to use their voices without feeling self-conscious. I certainly avoided singing for years after mine changed, because vocal tension and pitch instability made me quite shy to be heard. As a professional musician, my poor singing voice was quite embarrassing! I’ve learned to use it effectively, though, with good technique, and I’m delighted to now have a space where others can come to understand and love their own voices.

Why not pop along and give it a try?

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