Voice Lessons

Voice training for trans/enby people, and everyone else. Available online, all over the world.


Are you interested in using your voice in a healthier way, having more control over the pitch and placement, and feeling more confident about using your voice? I can help with that! I love working 1:1 with people to help them explore their voice in a safe way. Whether you’re trying to raise or lower pitch, project more, ease vocal fatigue, or sing, I’d love to work with you.

As an actor, I’m used to using my voice as an instrument, with different pitches and placements, and projecting loudly and safely. As the conductor of London Trans Choir and a former Voice Coach with the Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic, I have worked with every kind of voice under the sun. As a trans man, my own (long) vocal journey and the research and study I did along the way mean I’m very equipped to sensitively help you get to know your voice, whatever stage you’re at today. More about me here

I offer lessons mostly online, though in person lessons are possible in London (N1), and my standard rate is £60/hour. I offer a sliding scale from £30-£60 for trans folk only if needed, to ensure access to this skill set. Email londontranschoir@gmail.com for more info, and have a look at these resources in the meantime.


“Stephen is a joy to learn from. His knowledge and experience of how voices change on testosterone has been invaluable as I go through my own transition, and he’s always happy to accommodate my fluctuating needs as a disabled person. Plus he’s cheerful, upbeat and constantly encouraging – I always come away from my lessons with a smile on my face!”

  • Lee M, Student

“Singing lessons with Stephen are always one of my favourite things in my calendar. I had selective mutism growing up due to anxiety (and still do when things are not good). Stephen makes me feel so at ease during lessons, I am able to now sing loudly. I have now done two open mic nights, and have found that not only do I love singing, but keeping up my lessons with Stephen is great for my mental wellbeing. Additionally, as a trans singer he understands personally as well as professionally the particular intricacies of trans voices.”

  • James D, Student

“Stephen demonstrates sensitivity in his voice sessions with clients towards individual authenticity. He brings his musical, theatre, improv and personal experiences to his work and I have been very glad to collaborate with him as colleague voice teachers and queer practitioners.”

  • Matthew Mills, Consultant Speech and Language Therapist, Voice Coach and Music Tutor.

“Stephen was kind, friendly, efficient and gave me some incredibly solid pointers on voice masculinization. He clearly knows a lot about voice and gender and was a delight to learn from”

  • Lee, Student

“Stephen is a very knowledgeable and talented teacher. I have both observed his work in a professional setting and been a private student of his. He gives specific, helpful and concrete feedback and adapts explanations and demonstrations to be inclusive and meaningful. He has a knack for explaining things and giving feedback in a way that makes you feel encouraged and supported and will always draw your attention to the strengths and skills you already have, while giving you tools to make progress.”

  • Megan BG, Speech and Language Therapist

“Stephen is a great teacher, really encouraging and supportive. He has helped my to enjoy and feel confident in my changing voice.”

  • Josie C, Student
“Having voice lessons with Stephen is incredible, from his vast knowledge he was able to answer all of my weird voice questions and provide extra information that kept me really interested. He is able to provide oddly accurate analogies to describe how to change what you’re doing with your voice.
Every lesson I’ve had has been super fun and engaging, so I always look forward to the next one. He has also been very accommodating with my inconsistent schedule. An all round excellent guy!”
  •  Srishti P, Student