Voice Lessons

Voice training for trans*/enby people, and everyone else. Available online, all over the world.


Are you interested in using your voice in a healthier way, having more control over the pitch and placement, and feeling more confident about using your voice? I can help with that! I love working 1:1 with people to help them explore their voice in a safe way. Whether you’re trying to raise or lower pitch, project more, ease vocal fatigue, or sing, I’d love to work with you.

As an actor, I’m used to using my voice as an instrument, with different pitches and placements, and projecting loudly and safely. As the conductor of London Trans* Choir and a Voice Coach with the Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic, I have worked with every kind of voice under the sun. As a trans man, my own (long) vocal journey and the research and study I did along the way mean I’m very equipped to sensitively help you get to know your voice, whatever stage you’re at today. More about me here

During the Coronavirus outbreak, I’m offering lessons on a sliding scale, and exclusively online, so that they’re accessible to anybody who needs. Email stephendavidson84@gmail.com for more info, and have a look at these resources in the meantime:

FTM Voice: A User’s Manual

What Being Trans Means (To Me)

More about London Trans* Choir, and my full bio

GALA choruses have a great page about trans* voices that we highly recommend. Read it here

And there are some very interesting academic articles about changing FTM voices here and here